Transfer day delivers

Alex Camilli,

The Los Medanos College indoor quad was bustling Thursday, April 12 with continuing students hoping to get acquainted with their possible dream school and new students looking to find out how accessible transferring can be. 

A total of 34 colleges and universities participated in the annual Spring Transfer Day Event. Representatives consisted of alumni and staff from public and private transfer institutions both in California and from out of state.

Tables were filled with materials containing details about each college.

“The brochures outline what students need to know like the tuition costs, housing, and majors,” said Sandra Parsons, Interim Senior Coordinator of Transfer Services.

This informational opportunity happens every spring and fall semester courtesy of LMC’s Transfer Services.

“I have been learning a lot about schools that I have never heard of before,” said student Jessica Hayes.

Students found the event helpful in figuring out information about potential schools to go to for transfer tips in general.

“It was just better to have face to face questions answered, five out of five from me,” said student Brent Worth. 

Students who have questions that cannot be answered by the representatives at the event can stop by the Transfer Services information desk located in the second level of the Student Services Center. Students unable to clear up any specific questions can email Parsons directly at [email protected].

U.C. Santa Cruz attracted a large number of students interested in what the school has to offer. Raymundo Reyes-Avila, a Community College Admissions Representative, said UCSC was established in 1965 and offers a superb program for anybody who majors in world research. 

He also explained that the U.C. route is more financially feasible than some students may believe.

“More than 80 percent of students qualify for financial aid,” said Reyes-Avila. 

Maricris Mlyniec, assistant director of enrollment and recruitment at the University of San Francisco, said USF was established in1855 and is best suited for liberal arts, nursing, and computer science majors. 

Miranda Styles, admissions counselor and alumni from Southern Oregon University, said the school is known for their arts and theater program as well as nursing. UOS was founded in 1926 and provides a relaxing and lush environment suitable for students who appreciate being enveloped in nature.  

Student Brei Thomas said having events like this is beneficial to the student body. 


— William Dunton contributed to this report