Hygeine products scarce on campus

Many of the female students, staff and faculty have become aware of the scarcity of feminine hygiene products on campus. This poses a huge problem for students who may suddenly begin their menstrual cycles or students who can’t afford tampons or pads. This isn’t a recent issue, either.

For years, women have complained about the lack of dispensers on campus, especially in the Math and Science Buildings. Even the places that do have them are often empty.

Though the dispensers might not serve their purpose, there are places on campus that offer these products in a pinch.

They are available in the LMC Bookstore, however not everyone is keen on having to pay for them. “It’s great they have them here, but you still have to pay for them,” said LMC Student Briana Guzman.

If we’re going to be a welcoming campus, we have to have feminine hygiene products.”

— Catt Wood

She explained that it would be far more effective to have  something more easily accessible to student without having to pay out of their pockets. “I just think it’s important to have something in bathrooms especially since you don’t know when you’re going to get your period,” said Guzman.

The food bank will disperse pads and tampons for the students who meet the requirement to receive their services.

In the library bathroom, there’s a sign located by the door instructing people that if they need them, feminine products would be up at the front desk. It was the idea of LMC Librarian Catt Woods to begin offering these products to students.

“There are no dispensaries in the CORE building that has them. I wanted women to have access to these things,” she explained.

Woods said that because these products are specifically for women, it might not be seen as a big deal, but she says it’s just as important as having any other kind of necessity. “It’s an equity issue,” said Wood. “[Having no feminine products] would be like having no toilet paper.” She said if it was anything else meant for all students, it would be readily available to the student population.

Guzman who said she had been thinking about this issue lately said, “Sometimes women don’t have pads or tampons so it’s kind of nice just to have access to free ones, especially in case of emergencies. It’s just very important.”

Wood said it’s imperative we carry feminine hygiene products on this campus – in doing so, we’re cultivating an atmosphere of inclusivity.

“If we’re going to be a welcoming campus, we have to have feminine hygiene products,” said Woods.