‘Contra’ being held ‘After Dark’


Adria Watson

From left, Adrian Montemayor, Devareay Williams and Priscila Rodriguez plan the Contra event during the Shenanigans club meeting.

Los Medanos College Student Life and Shenanigans are collaborating for a spooky Halloween event being held on campus Friday, Oct. 28.
Students and the community are welcome to attend the LMC After Dark Halloween Fair where food, candy and drinks will be provided as well as virtual reality games and more.
Shenanigans will showcase the dark and scary side of Halloween with the maze-haunted house, “Contra.”
Student Justin Rocha came up with the concept for the haunted house after visiting one his first semester at LMC.
“I got the job at student life this fall and this was the first event I wanted to do because of that experience,” he said.
Rocha explained the Halloween fair is going to be set up where clubs design their own theme for their tables and the event will overall be a safe place for the community to come and spend their time.
He brought the idea of the haunted house to Shenanigans and they agreed to help bring the club’s name out there and help them fundraise.
Shenanigans club member Adrian Montemayor said after seeing how passionate Rocha was about this event, that resonated with him “so Shenanigans and I really wanted to help him out with making this a huge success that way we can have more events like this in the future.”
He said decoration plans are still underway but Shenanigans is seeking help from other clubs and organizations on campus to assist with the set-up.
“Art club is helping out a little bit with decorations,” Montemayor said, adding, “I would love to collaborate with other clubs so we can develop better relationships for situations in the future when we all need help and can count on each other.”
Montemayor laughed as he said coming to the haunted house is a perfect first date and encourages everyone to go.
“We’re all hoping to give people who come into the haunted a house an experience they won’t forget and have a great time.”
Shenanigans President Yazmyn Rahimi explained there will be about seven or eight people from their club who are participating in the haunted house –– whether it be acting, doing makeup or being a volunteer.
One character specifically, Pierre, will be the guide for each group and his alter ego, Sancto will be “throughout the haunted house and is really going to be seen with the monsters,” she said.
According to Rahimi and Shenanigans Treasurer, Jonathan Ramos, the monsters will be all over the haunted house and placed randomly –– moving around so that there is no set spot for them.
“[Contra] is going to be like one of those mazes that you go to for haunted houses,” said Ramos, “we do a lot of free roaming but in a way that we still seclude some areas for the actors to go from one place and out the other.”
Ramos added that the haunted maze-house would be starting at the elevator located on the third floor, then take participants down to the first level of the Core and take them on a round-trip down outside to the amphitheater.
Rahimi warned that loud noises and flashing, bright lights will be present so that people who are sensitive to those features can take those precautions into consideration before they attend the haunted adventure.
The LMC After Dark Halloween Fair and Contra both begin at 7 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. Contra is free for students and can pick up their tickets in the student life office –– there will be a $1 admission for non-students and children under 12 need to be accompanied by a guardian if they would like to participate in the haunted house.
For more information and questions, contact Rocha at [email protected] or student life at [email protected].