Tennis court nearly finished

Players can look forward to mid-September opening


Cathie Lawrence

An aerial view of the tennis court which is under construction. Inset: Juan Cortez and Eric Delozada Sr. grade and resurface the asphalt on the court.

The Los Medanos College tennis court construction, which has been occurring since before the semester started, is expected to conclude in the coming weeks.
According to Vice President Kevin Horan, the tennis courts had been in need of renovation for some time now.
“The courts were in a fairly poor state of disrepair with numerous large cracks that went the entire length of the courts,” said Horan about the reason for the repairs.

As the building and grounds facilitator, Russ Holt, has been involved with the project by maintaining the facilities around campus and having input on the renovations done. He expressed similar sentiments about the courts.

“[The tennis courts] were probably well over 25-years-old. Just the ground shifting had caused cracks. It just needed repair cause we couldn’t play,” he said.

Funding for this project came from the Measure E Bond funds. The college budgeted $500,000 for the project, although it is expected to be on or under budget.

“They actually tore it all out, put up new fencing and they’re hoping to get a better compaction of soils underneath so that this will be to today’s standards and hopefully it will hold up a bit longer,” said Holt about the repair being made.

Other changes made to the courts include setting up new nets as well and laying out a completely new playing surface.

“It was scheduled for the beginning of the semester, but there was a holdup in the summer time with the treatment that had to be done to compact the soil,” said Holt.

He explained that decisions to make changes on campus are made at the President’s level and depend on the facility. There are some that last for years, and some that have to be constantly updated

Although Horan says there are no plans for athletic expansion, the courts prepare the facility in case a decision is ever made in the future. However, there is hope that the new tennis courts will attract members of the LMC community who may not be aware of its existence, the opportunity to play.
The project is not far from completion. They are located near the physical education area behind the gymnasium and should be finished and ready for use by mid-September.

“I think it will be a class A facility and we hope it will hold up for the next 25 years,” said Holt.