Student art work to be displayed


Mark Baker-Sanchez’s “Mrs Hollywood”

The Los Medanos College Art Gallery opened its doors to student artists this week. Students around campus submitted creative works in a variety of art forms ranging from photography, painting, drawing, digital art, ceramics and sculpture.

The annual student art show, which will open Feb. 2, will be the first exhibit of the spring semester giving students the experience of having their work on display.

The show will open Tuesday, Feb. 2 and will run through Thursday, March 5. A reception for the artists is scheduled Thursday, Feb. 4 from 4 to 5 p.m. Guests will be able to mingle with the artists and enjoy light refreshments.

“I think it’s amazing that it’s not just strictly art students, but all students of LMC. It gives them a chance to show their work or their hobbies,” said art major Mark Baker-Sanchez.

Sanchez submitted six pieces of artwork, including a piece that was personal for him: a photograph of a baby chick that had gotten sick and passed away.

“This particular piece is called ‘Baby’s Passing.’ It was very emotional for my mom. It’s my mother’s hands in the image, holding the baby chick,” said Sanchez.

The show gives student artists an opportunity to experience being in art shows. Sanchez values the opportunity that is given to students to expand their audience beyond LMC, to members of the surrounding community.

“It’s not just students and faculty that come to the show, there’s also people that come from the Delta Artist Guild that come, people from the city that come to see the talent here. It gives students a chance to display their work and get themselves out there,” said Sanchez.

It also gives students opportunities to gain the experience that they might not have elsewhere, including the ability to break into the industry.

“It gives you a professional setting,” said Jennifer Holderman, a student who works in the art gallery.

The art show gives the students a sense of belonging to an art community and builds self-confidence. The professors in the art department give students a chance to shine and trust their ability to showcase their skills as artists.

“The reason we have a student art show is because our students are awesome. We want them to have the opportunity to show their work, and we want to show their work. It’s a great opportunity to show off our students work,” said Professor Curtis Corlew.