LMC art show and award ceremony recognizes student work

A creative celebration


Local artist and juror of the student show, Foad Satterfield, begins the award reception with a quick introduction.

Aliyah Ramirez, Staff Writer

The remarkable creations of young artists were the focus of the Los Medanos College student art show. An opening reception and award ceremony was hosted on May 4 from 4-6 p.m. in the Pittsburg Library gallery to award students with donations from art supply companies Savoir-Faire, Blick Art Materials, and Flax Art and Design, with local artists from the Art Guild of the Delta. 

Presented by juror and gallery curator Foad Satterfield and the Art Guild of the Delta representatives, the awards centered around seven categories. Featuring digital works, drawings, graphic design, mixed media, painting, photography, ceramics/sculpture, and animation.

“It was exhilarating to get recognition for my work. I found it even more fulfilling to see how many people share the same passion as myself on campus,” said Alexis Ramirez, student art show and Delta winner. “The amount of potential and talent in that gallery inspires me and reassures me that I am on the right path.”

Students had to enter their artwork through a digital form on ArtTable, submitting pieces made during the 2022-2023 school year. The application asked for an image of their work, the artist’s name, and the materials used. In turn, there were over 240 artworks submitted. 

The juror selected pieces for the show based on visual presentation. There was no set list of requirements to disqualify artwork. From the 140 works available, Satterfield objectively decided by “looking for the idea” and “seeing if work reached its full completion.” 

When putting the exhibition together, LMC gallery director Carol Ladewig followed her motto, “if the work is good… then you can make it all work together.” She carefully showcased the art with adequate lighting and framed them with magnets to present a clean appearance on the wall. Her layout process focused on creating a cohesive show to recognize student work at the end of the spring semester and to celebrate those graduating or transferring. 

“I hope the students feel really good about what they did and what their work looks like and celebrate,” said Ladewig. “I would like everyone to celebrate how they contributed to this exhibition.”

For most students, the work featured came as a class requirement, but with each assignment, students incorporated their individualist perspective to find inspiration. 

Student artist, Rachelle Cunanan, took inspiration from the anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” Initially, she presented her work “just for fun,” but was “very happy” when her ceramic mask titled “Incrinato” made it into the show. Student Drew Booth was shocked when she discovered she would be part of the show and won an honorable mention with her ceramic sculpture titled “A Woman’s Armor.” She described her work’s underlying message to pay homage to women as “the heart of every society.”

Smiles and laughter filled the room as artists, family and friends exchanged support and praise with one another. This opportunity allowed students to showcase their work to a public audience and gain gallery experience through collaboration with peers and professionals. 

“This is quite important in a young maker’s life to actually show the work and get critical feedback even if it doesn’t favor you in the beginning,” said Satterfield, “but every setback is an opportunity.”

Notable pieces of student work will continue to show in the Pittsburg Library gallery from April 27-May 19. The exhibition is open to the public from 12-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and free of admission to allow everyone to see the variety of art from their perspective. As Ladewig recalls, the purpose of her work is to do “what art does best: creates conversation and thinking.”