Beloved characters slashes reputation

Winnie the Pooh shown in a villainous direction

Kamryn Chavez, Experience Correspondent

“Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” is not a children’s movie. Pooh, the beloved children’s character, stars in what is essentially a slasher film. The movie is a twisted horror tale in which Pooh and friends are not as sweet as we remember, preying upon a group of young girls staying in a remote cabin. 

They are fueled by vengeance from their perceived betrayal by Christopher Robin, vowing to slay any human who comes their way.

This adrenaline rush of a movie is one that I will never forget. It is filled with blood, gore, and most of all honey!

With Winnie the Pooh coming into the public domain, director Rhys Waterfield decided to change the way we view the Pooh friends forever. This R-rated film earned its rank by the immense amount of gore it includes, and by ruining our childhoods by turning our old friend, Pooh, into a blood-thirsty murderer.

“Blood and Honey” is only playing at select theaters, so finding a movie time may be a challenge and it is not available on any streaming services at this time. A $15 movie ticket bought me a small-budget experience that left me questioning: Why?

I was impressed by the number of people who were in the theater because I had assumed I was going to experience evil Pooh alone. When I left, though, I felt the disappointment loom as my fellow audience members exited.  

This movie used SFX makeup to bring Pooh and Piglet to life. Piglet looked like any ol’ pig while the makeup for Winnie took all its inspiration from the animated Pooh. This “animated” Pooh took away from the story but, in the end, it was the best choice because I found the supposed-to-be-scary Pooh comedic more times than not. 

They did not appear to put much effort into the story or the acting, since casting Winnie the Pooh as a murderous antagonist will draw people in regardless. The acting was unimpressive, and the dialogue made me cringe. The characters’ actions were classic horror-movie stupidity in which they make every horrible decision possible, except when Alice went to grab the gun from her purse.  

“Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” has all the elements of an average slasher film, filled with suspense paired with the classic trope of a group of girls in a remote area just waiting to be murdered. This, of course, is no average slasher film because of the transformation of a once-beloved character in a light we have never seen before. But this movie is not even average, it’s below average.

If you’re looking for an experience, then this film is for you. If you’re looking for substance, then this is not for you. For me, it was an experience! I will never forget this movie and I will never look at Winnie the Pooh the same way again.