LVN program gets 10k grant for clinicals


Cathie Lawrence

Sharon Goldfarb

LMC’s Licensed Vocational Nursing program received a $10,000 Health and Wellness grant from the Community Health Foundation.

“We are very excited,” said BethAnn Robertson, Senior Office Assistant for Planning and Insititutional Effectiveness. “It’s nice for the program to be recognized for all the hard work it provides for the community.”

Sharon Goldfarb, director of the LVN Program, said the nursing department plans to use the funds for student clinicals during the Contra Costa stand down in September.

The stand down is an event where homeless veterans receive basic health care for free. Delta Veteran Group is a non-profit organization that advocates for the homeless veterans of Contra Costa County.

The nursing department has offered assistance from nursing students who will be vessels to provide services to veterans, such as taking vitals and administering basic healthcare needs.

According to the Delta Veteran  website, the group’s goals are simple: bring together all the various Veterans Service Organizations, remove the barriers and walls that frequently exist between these organizations and champion support for veterans in the California Delta area, focusing on Contra Costa County.

“The stand down is a perfect way for our students to receive hands-on training. We are excited for our students of LMC to partner with the community to promote health,” said Goldfarb.