Jobs on campus help students

With high tuition costs and a job market that making it difficult to land a job, many students find paying bills to be a difficult task. However, Los Medanos College has a number of available on-campus jobs to help pay off loans.

To begin a job search, a student must first register online on the Career College Network. You can find the CCN on the LMC website by clicking on “Current Students” at the top of the page, and then scrolling down to the “Employment Center” link, or by going to into any web browser.

To create an account, you must know your Student ID number. You will have to create a personal password while registering on the CCN. A resume is not required to start applying, however, it is recommended to upload a resume because many employers in the database are looking for potential employees with a resume already uploaded. If you do not have a resume, you can set up appointments with the Career Center to create one. Once you have completed your registration and your profile has been approved, you may begin searching for an on-campus or off-campus employment opportunity.

For on-campus jobs, you must be an LMC student with at least six units and a cumulative 2.0 GPA.

Starting wages are typically the state minimum of 9.00 an hour, but wages range anywhere from $9 to $10. Students will work a maximum of twenty hours a week during the school semester but during breaks they have the opportunity to work a full 40-hour week, if the job is still open during that time.

“Jobs are available at a premium,” said LMC Career Coordinator Reggie Turner. “Jump on all positions as soon as possible. Read all job descriptions, particularly the application section for how to apply.”

The bulk of hiring usually occurs before the start of the fall semester in August. Another wave of hiring occurs right before the spring semester begins as well. It is advised to check open positions every two weeks.

“I love my job,” said Rattana Kim, a student currently working in the Counseling Department. “It isn’t my first job. I have two jobs right now. This is hands-down my favorite job. It’s like a family here,” she added.

Kim explained that there are perks working here at LMC. You become more knowledgeable in the field of work you’re assigned. Most students don’t know half of what you’re trained in, making it easier to work with the school’s system.

Student Store employee Andrew Murphy explained the way to keep a job at LMC, “The same qualities you apply to your school work, you want to pass on to your job.” Once hired, it’s best to remain available to work and show the drive you have to get the job done. The diligence tells employers to keep you around for next semester. For more information, seek Career Coordinator Reggie Turner in the Career Center.