LMCAS monies lacking

Budget drastically smaller


Cathie Lawrence

Jamila Stewart and Dave Belman banter about budget.

The Los Medanos College of Associated Students board met this past Monday to discuss the impending budget changes. In attendance were Dean of Student Success Dave Belman, LMCAS President Darren Meeks, Senator Diona Shelbourne, Sen. Sable Horton, Sen. Gary Walker, Sen. Yetunde Ogunleye, Sen. Rose Johnson and newly appointed Primary Advisor Jamila Stewart.
Because the meeting started late, Gary suggested they discuss only the budget and none of the other agenda items.
The first discussion regarded funds for Welcome Week and academic competition.
“If we took anything away from academic competition, it would be hard to fund,” said Walker.
Shelbourne agreed with him and there was a unanimous decision to keep the funding the same and Walker requested a return so they could see if they had actually used all the money allowed for the Welcome Week activities.
When the topic of funding for LMC’s clubs arose, Belman noted, “3SP funding will not.”
Walker suggested other clubs tighten their budgets as well but Shelbourne said they already had. “They’re usually given $10, 000 and that’s been cut in half since last semester. So I think their budgets have been cut enough.” The board decided the funding would then remain the same.
Then they began discussing scholarships. Shelbourne suggested LMCAS fundraise and put the proceeds towards the breast cancer scholarship. They agreed this was the best course of action then moved on to discussing the SoCal and HBCU tours. They motioned to make these separate line items
Belman took the time to note that they were over $9000 in the hole. He furthermore acknowledged that they didn’t have a lot of money left in the reserve. The board made the decision to take the rest of the money out of the reserve and put it to the side.
After the meeting was extended twice, the topic of the funding college tours arose again, the board made the decision to take the $10, 000 dollars allocated for the tours and put them towards lessening their debt, reducing it from -$9600 to -$7,837. $2000 would go back into funding both tours and the remaining funds would go back into the reserve.
Approval of the new budget is due Oct. 13.