Swing space is now vacant

Repurpose planned




Arbor 02-05-15 Cathie Lawrence_0007
This arbor now sits by itself where it once lead to the front door of LMC President Bob Kratochvil modular office just a few weeks ago.

Photo by Cathie Lawrence

Renovations of the College Complex at Los Medanos College are in their final stages of design. The swing space used for temporary placement of instructional classrooms and offices will be repurposed. The temporary home on CC2 used for the Welcome Center, DSPS, EOPS and Assessment CC 252-268 are being repurposed for four instructional classrooms. According to Vice President Kevin Horan, demolition and construction will begin in April or May and is expected to finish in December 2015. Horan expects classrooms to reopen in the spring of 2016. The swing space used for counseling CC 272-279 will also be reconverted into instructional classrooms expected to reopen in the spring of 2016. Horan also noted the Business Department classrooms and offices CC2 232-240 were vacated due to noise during the Student Service Center Remodel project. The reconstructions of the spaces are in the final stages of design and will reopen three classrooms in the spring. On the third floor of the College Complex, the temporary space used for Admission and Records and Information Center will remain vacant for the spring 2015 term. According to Horan, “We have currently embarked on the design and construction of a new Student Union building. The new SU building will include new space for the Bookstore and Food Services.” Horan continues, “The new SU building is scheduled to be completed in August 2018.” Upon relocating the Bookstore and Food Service from its current location to the SU building, full renovation and remodeling will commence for the space used by Admission and Records.  According to Horan, the future space will anticipate the accommodations for additional classrooms and a new professional development center for faculty and staff. The space will begin the first stage of construction that is expected to start fall 2018. President Office Assistant, Jennifer Adams said, “It feels really nice to have a permanent spot. We do however, miss all the different faces we saw while we were located near the science building, faces we typically wouldn’t see while being located in the College Complex.” The Public Safety Building on the top floor is The cafeteria staff was unable to comment whether the cafeteria will be extended due to the vacant space.