Library loans books

Allows for access

The LMC textbook loan program or the textbook reserve collection is a partnership between the library and LMCAS. A good portion that funds the textbook loan program comes from the LMCAS budget. Additional funds also come from the LMC foundation, a Dow Chemical Grant and the Exito Grant.
“We were very excited to have this program recognized by the visiting accreditation team, it is a wonderful example of student-college partnership,” Librarian Christina Goff said.
The textbook loan program allows the library to purchase current copies of textbooks being used in classes across campus. The library also partners with faculty who has donated a copy of their required materials, these materials are in the library’s collection for the duration of the semester.
Students can also rent out a book for three hours at a time inside the library; however the library does have some textbooks available to take out of the library for different lengths of time. The Brentwood campus also maintains a textbook reserve collection.
The Pittsburg campus currently has 1,364 items in their collection, while Brentwood has 160. However these numbers can vary depending on which courses are going to be offered at each location.
Future plans for this program includes making required course materials available to all students regardless of their financial situation.
“With the rising costs of textbooks, delays in financial aid awards, or just life circumstances, not everyone can afford to buy all their books they need,” Goff added.
LMC is aware that in order to be successful in all courses, students need to keep up with the materials being covered in class.
Additional funds are necessary to add to the collection.
“We also want to be sure that we have the material that is needed by students in all programs, so outreach to LMC students is crucial,” Goff continued.
During the 2013-2014 school year the library shows that there were 17,749 checkouts at the Pittsburg campus and 1,056 in Brentwood.
“I love that I am able to just check out the textbook that I need instead of paying out of pocket to rent or buy,” said LMC student Donna Eaves, adding, “I hope they keep finding ways to add to their collection and do away with renting altogether.”