Antioch youth reprieve

At-risk kids offered life prep and advice

Jus Beginners Youth Training is a program that prepares children psychologically and physically for the adult world through sports. Former Marine Corp Legal Services Specialist, Ahmed Burden, a recipient of the 2013 UnSung Hero Award through Los Medanos College, started the program Oct. 11 on the first anniversary of his nephew Eric Forbes’ passing. Jus Beginners was enacted with the support of friend and nutritionist, Marcus Wagner.
The program was implemented because “training is essential for everything, without proper fundamental training you can’t excel at anything, especially life, and these kids need to know that as much as possible,” said Burden.
“My son Kaden is also a huge reason as to why I put this together. As his father it’s my obligation to give him as many options to life as possible,” said Burden. “He and my nephew are my constant reminders to strive for greatness everyday, and I owe them everything I have to give so he’s better prepared once his turn to face the world on his own as a young man.”
JBYT is just one of the few local programs that have been started to improve the city of Antioch. There is the All Out Sports League started by Casey Copeland whose league is dedicated to bettering the cities of Antioch and Clayton.
Copeland has also been of great help to Burden by letting him coach in his league and giving him advice so he could start one of his own. The All Out Sports Winter League will start Jan. 10, 2015 with a maximum of 300 open spots.
Antioch Councilmember Tony Tiscareno, who owned sports memorabilia store “Tony’s Sport’s Cards” from 1988-1996 said since “crime is overtaking the city of Antioch,” he’s all for anyone “utilizing their sport’s experience to support the community.”
He considers himself an activist in supporting the improvement of Antioch. “The reason I became a council member was to help with youth and recreation,” said Tiscareno.
Burden was inspired to start the program because he “saw a need to give these kids something more to do than hang out on the corners of Lone Tree and local gas stations doing nothing.”
For now, the program is focusing on basketball training and will be striving to someday, with support and recognition from the community, focus on other sports like football and baseball.
The Jus Beginners Training Program is open to youth ages 7-17 and will be continuing for the rest of Oct. on Saturdays from 5 to 7p.m. for the rest of the month and the first Saturday of Nov.  The program is located at the Antioch Community Center at 4703 Lone Tree Way.
For more information, contact Ahmed Burden via email at [email protected] or by phone at (510) 460-0829.