Thefts still an issue on campus

Truck window smashed in


Cathie Lawrence

A gold Toyota Tacoma was broken into in broad daylight last Tuesday. Only a backpack was taken.

A gold Toyota Tacoma was broken into Tuesday, Oct. 22 at Los Medanos College on the road that connects parking lots A and B together.

The driver side window was smashed in and according to Lieutenant Ryan Huddleston the only thing that was taken was a backpack with a couple of books in it.

The truck was not targeted.

β€œIt was just a random occurrence,” said Huddleston.

There are no suspects or witnesses, and no one around when the break-in happened.

A few maintenance crew members cleaned up the scene and swept up the broken glass on the road.

To prevent future break-ins Huddleston gave this advice, β€œ we try to remind people not to keep valuables, (in your car) like computers, backpacks, purses, wallets, iPods, those type of things that are out in the open that make your vehicle a target.”