DSPS hosting event


Adriana Ivanoff and Krys Shahin, Staff Writer

The Disabled Students Programs and Services program hopes to help all Los Medanos College students find a better balance in their lives by putting on a movie event to raise mental awareness. This event is scheduled to happen Oct. 2 in the library room L-109 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. providing all students to an “eye opening experience.” 

“We hear from students that there are many mental health concerns,” said Ginny Richards, Manager of Disability Support Services. “There was a similar event that was well received at DVC. We wanted it to be in a less formal format to be more inviting to students.”

There will not be one long movie that will take a student’s full undivided attention, but rather shorter clips pertaining to the topic of mental health. 

“The movies have not been picked out yet, but they will be based off of the panelists experiences,” said Richards.

There will also be open workshops as well as free access to a panel of practicing professionals who are willing to give advice or lend an ear, completely free to those who may need someone to talk with. 

“[We want students to have] better knowledge of the resources on campus and in the local area that are available for them,” said Richards.

The event is in collaboration with Art With Impact, a non-profit organization that’s external to our department, but based in the Los Medanos College community.

Students were excited for the upcoming event and happy to hear about it.

“I’m not a certified psychologist, but I do know that a lot of students deal with anxiety and depression,” said Desjonique Unubun. “Knowing that there are people there, waiting for them [students] to say ‘I’m there for you’ [and] like ‘come talk to me’…  sounds really nice.” 

For accessibility related accommodations or questions, contact the DSPS office at (925) 473-7471.