Meet the editor


Krys Shahin, @Krysshah

With both of the previous beloved Editors in Chief getting accepted to and transferring to their top choices, I have been passed the torch and have taken up the mantle of lead editor of the Experience. 

Though I am new to this paper, I have many ideas that will pave the way for the future. My goal for this paper is to dive more into the online initiative that former editors have created for us to easily access any and all information and news via our website or various social medias. 

I, along with my staff, intend to push the use of social media into something that is more important and easier to understand for our readers through Twitter and Instagram at lmc_experience. 

With our completely revamped website,, it is more interactive and easier to navigate for our readers. The community can access all of our social media to see what is happening around them as well as check out what we’re doing with our podcasts “What’s Your Experience (WYE)”, and “BackTalk.”

We on staff of the Experience understand that the population of Los Medanos College is diverse and that public interest and opinion is changing at a constant rate. With what we have in store, we hope to change with the times and keep up with our community.

Hopefully, with the new online usage, we will not only be able to connect more easily but also be able to reach a larger portion of the students who go to LMC, but also those who live around and in the diverse community that creates us. Here’s to a great semester.