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Plan unveiled to expand Los Medanos College Pittsburg campus

As Los Medanos College reaches its 50th year, much of its history remains. Both the Pittsburg and Brentwood campus’s enrollment numbers are expected to grow in the coming years. However, this has resulted in ongoing discussions surrounding the expansion of the college. 

In the Faculty Master Plans discussed in a College Assembly Meeting held Feb. 5, conversations have centered around moving resources towards the front of the school. This would form a complete loop around the college, to create an easy way to navigate parking and buildings. 

Along with this, there are proposals for plazas in front and behind the main buildings, such as the Student Union and Kinesiology building. These plazas are aimed to result in more accessible student areas. 

This is a result of a 2023 campus poll conducted from Nov. 10 through Nov. 30, which concluded a high number of students requesting more spaces for student life and events. 

Student housing was also considered in the renovation plans, entailing a new set of buildings next to the athletic fields and stadium. In one of the two options that were presented during the meeting, a parking space was also included alongside the new housing. However, it is not finalized if this option will be chosen when moving forward. 

Some buildings not included in the renovation or demolition process are the Planetarium and the Little Theater. However, Option 2 states that the Little Theater will receive carpet, seating, and lighting changes. 

Many different possibilities are being proposed, but two options are primarily being discussed. 

Option One includes no demolition of any buildings, but would add two or three more buildings and more parking. 

Option 1 plan provided by The Steinberg Hart Company

Option 2 includes the demolition of the College Complex starting with the Child Study Center. The Tennis Courts would be demolished at the same time. This would add space for four new buildings to move classrooms and programs from the demolished areas into new spaces.

The second phase of Option 2 includes adding five new buildings, and the demolition of the smaller athletic field, which another parking lot would replace. It would also lead to the demolition of the concession stand, which one of the new buildings would take place of. This is when the demolition of the College Complex would begin. Getting rid of the historic College Complex building garnered opinions from both sides.

“I think losing the architecture of this building would be sad. The College Complex is the original college and it was built in a way to inspire collaboration,” said Sandra Mills, who has been a Program Coordinator for The Center for Academic Support since the 90s. 

A third phase of Option 2 would include the demolition of the Gym and additional parts of the College Complex, where one of the plazas would be placed. This option would result in the construction of around six new buildings, and a new athletic field and stadium. It also includes the housing proposal mentioned earlier.

Option 2 plan provided by The Steinberg Hart Company

There are a variety of opinions about the possible demolition of the College Complex, but Vice President of Business and Administrative Services, Carlos Montoya is enthusiastic about Option 2. 

“I am excited about moving LMC forward by addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by the College Complex,” said Montoya, who is concerned about the cost of maintaining and renovating the 50-year old complex. 

But there are those who feel Option 1 provides the most continuity with LMC’s roots

“While I admit the need to revamp some components of the complex, I absolutely, 100% do not condone the razing of our college’s original structure and its founding values — because they are one and the same. The building is the physical manifestation of the egalitarian goals LMC sought to achieve,” said Art History Professor Nick Nabas, who wrote his thesis on the architecture of the College Complex. 

The Steinberg Hart Company has spearheaded the outlining of proposed changes, but currently,  they are still in the phase of deciding on the final option. These changes are set to take place over many years and the plans described are subject to change, depending on what is deemed best for the campus community.


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