Local restaurants offer good variety


Aishling Dorherty

Samurai X is one of many close-by off-campus eateries available to students.

Tired of eating at the same place day in and day out? Spending money on the same cuisine can get boring fast. At Fresh and Natural Café, located on the Los Medanos College campus, one may take a quick scan of the menu and can ascertain that the food is primarily modern American cuisine, and not much else. There are a few students at Los Medanos College that personally do not enjoy going to the Fresh and Natural Café everyday during the short block of time that they have in between their classes.

Los Medanos student Destiny Hall says “Fresh and Natural Café has good food, but I don’t feel like going there everyday, it’s not like they have a huge variety of choices to choose from.” If you are in the same boat as Hall and are wondering where some students could take their hunger and wallets, one could simply drive around the area as there are plenty of local choices to choose from. Los Medanos student Tito Martinez says he goes to the Pittsburg Walmart shopping center, located not far from the Los Medanos campus, to buy his lunch some days. “There’s this Mexican market next door to Walmart called Don Pepe’s, they make everything from scratch, it’s so good and really cheap, try their guacamole!”

If homemade Mexican food isn’t your thing and your looking for something a little different, try sushi restaurant Samurai X right next door to Don Pepe’s. Los Medanos student Donna Eaves stops by the establishment every chance she can “Their sushi rolls are delicious and each roll is fairly priced, about six dollars each, plus they give you free miso soup! I love it there,” said Eaves.

Perhaps if sushi is a little too adventurous for you, don’t worry, the Cheese Steak Shop in the Pittsburg Target shopping center is still alive and thriving. Los Medanos student