Study abroad in Florence, Italy Spring 2013


Across campus flyers say, “Study in Florence Spring 2013.” An information meeting will be held on Sept. 19 in the Los Medanos Library room 105 between 4-5 p.m.

“At the meeting students will see a pre- sentation on what to expect while studying abroad. Students will also get information on what classes will be available to take and the cost and how to pay,” said DVC Professor Michele A. Krup.

Interested students that are unable to attend the meeting can check online regarding what to expect when studying abroad.

Departure, return dates and benefits are included online. It also provides information about the rooming conditions and other ame- nities. Extras include free passes that allow unlimited entr y to museums and other places like the Medici Chapel.

Extracurricular activities are planned on a weekly basis that include cultural happenings such as wine tasting and soccer games.

The fee for the program is $ 7,695 . There are aslo scholarships for students in need.

American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS) will be giving out a $500 scholarship to four students for the spring semester.

The Gilman Study Abroad program can help

financially if needed, providing scholarship amounts up to $5,000. An application must be submitted by Oct. 2.

The program is for undergrads attending two and four-year colleges that will be travel- ing more than four weeks, and receiving the Federal Pell Grant. You also must be accepted into a study abroad program.

For more information visit www.cocostudy- Which gives a list of courses that will be taught in Florence next semester.

For further questions, contact the Study Abroad office at DVC at 685-1230 ext. 2735 or at [email protected].