LMC strikes deal with food trucks

LMC will be having a food truck every Tuesday on campus


Kai Arellano

Seth Saoceda (at cash register) taking orders for the Groovy Gorditas Truck

Kai Arellano, Staff Writer

LMC will now have a food truck every Tuesday in front of the library from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.. To kick it off, LMC were able to have the local food truck “Groovy Gorditas” come on campus for all students and staff to enjoy. With a widespread menu, the college community can enjoy a wide variety of Mexican cuisine and put down the convenience store snacks.

The truck itself was a surprise to many as it was in the main parking lot where most students park. It was exciting for so many students because the cafeteria has been closed since the pandemic and nobody knows when it’ll open up again. Having access to a food truck makes it nice to come to school and eat on campus.

“This is our first time being here,” said Seth Saoceda, who manned the register and took orders. He was excited to come to LMC but was nervous at first. Saoceda explained that his mother started the food truck a year and a half ago and wanted to bring authentic Mexican food to her local town. 

“When we landed the gig of coming here for lunch we were kind of nervous about how big it was going to be but we’re really happy with the turnout,” said Saoceda.

Students hurried over to the food truck because it was something new. They were all excited to try the food from the truck.

“I feel like the food trucks would be an interesting take,” said student Leonardo Estevez as he enjoyed his chicken gordita. He continued with how he wants more food trucks on campus and that it’s a better way to get more food instead of going to the student bookstore. “I think this is the best spot. Most students usually park here and it’s arguably the best spot to put the truck here.”

“I’ve seen this truck at other food truck events,” said student Michael Boushuy as he waited for his order. He followed up with how he’s had their food before and it was great classic Mexican food.

“When I walked out of class it was a pleasant surprise. I probably wouldn’t have eaten all day, but when I saw this I had to order something.”

The food truck was brought to the school because of the head of Student Life in the Student Union Teresa Archaga. She came up with the idea to bring a food truck to the campus for everyone to enjoy.

“We wanted to bring more food options to the college. I found a food truck network and they’re gonna be here every week on Tuesdays for now,” said Archaga. She explained that since there isn’t a cafeteria for the students to go to, the school and Archaga wanted to make it so there’s an option for students to eat on campus.

Going forward Archaga explained that there is a way we could have a cafeteria though. “Our contractor who requests proposals is going to be here in the spring with hopes of having someone on campus next year, but I don’t know,” said Archaga. She continued with how the whole situation isn’t in her control and everyone is just going to have to wait and see. 

LMC is slowly implementing more for its students and now with the food truck every Tuesday and the hope for the cafeteria opening next spring, food options will be very plentiful for the foreseeable future.