LMC donates food to students at the student union

Fifth Annual Thanksgiving Giveaway returns to campus


Kai Arellano

Earl Hudson (Left) and Honeymeil Montecillo organize the Thanksgiving baskets

Kai Arellano, Staff Writer

LMC held its fifth annual thanksgiving basket giveaway on the first level of the student union. They had a wide spread of food that people could take home. There were baskets full of bread, vegetables, meats and even a turkey if you requested one. This was started to help students who can’t afford or live by the bare necessities of other students and can have a Thanksgiving on their own or with their families.

People couldn’t just go and take food though. You had to RSVP in order to get a basket. With 150 RSVPs, they had food for all 150 people. “We gave out 40 or so,” said head of Student life Teresa Archaga. She explained how everyone got emails to come and grab a basket at the school. “We have quite a few to distribute,” said Archaga. 

Everyone on the RSVP list didn’t show up at once. It was more sporadic, with people coming through in different waves at different times. So far there might have been a lot of baskets that hadn’t been given away. 

“Reminder emails were sent out to those who RSVP’d,” said Archaga. She wants to make sure that those who were on the list get what they asked for so the food doesn’t go to waste.

Even for those who didn’t know about the event, they could come and write their name on a waitlist if there’s any food left over. 

“Whatever is left over is going to be up for grabs,” said Archaga. She explained that those who have their name on there get first priority and anyone who comes after can come and get food as well.

The event wasn’t just sprung up recently. When the event first started, it was an EMOJA scholars’ program years ago. At the time, it was all separate until they combined with the LMC food pantry. As of now, it’s been this way ever since the spring of 2017.

“It just made sense to collaborate with that program,” said Archaga. She also continued and said that this has expanded to the honors program, EOPS and LMCAS. “There’s now a lot of us working to put these baskets together.”

The giveaway, gradually, had more people join in and receive food. Archaga was happy to help each and every family who RSVP’d for a basket. She gave them many options among the various food choices that were available for everybody. Archaga wanted everyone to take care and have a happy holiday.