Guild brings ‘Energy’ to the LMC Art Gallery

New exhibit runs though mid-January

Aidan Lindell, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos College Art Gallery buzzed with energy at the Nov. 10 opening reception of the latest new show. 

The exhibit, “Delta Energy,” features acrylic paintings, photographs, and one beaded necklace, all created by members of the Art Guild of the Delta. The art was displayed on the walls in the gallery, with the necklace occupying the farthest right corner from the door. 

The show is not the first collaboration between the college and the guild. According to Gallery Director Carol Ladewig, the Art Department has collaborated with the Art Guild for years, and she describes its members as “a really good group, very nice people, and very generous.” 

The event started with time for everyone to walk around the exhibit and admire the creativity. Ladewig then officially introduced the show and asked each artist to discuss their work. 

Among the artists highlighted in the new show is professional photographer Rick Haley, whose featured work is a photograph titled “Yosemite Valley-Winter Storm,” depicting a snow-capped landscape. 

Haley has been an avid photographer since childhood. After receiving a cardboard “brownie camera” from his dad, he became fascinated with the beauty of nature. 

Haley explained that his greatest feeling of accomplishment came after taking pictures such as “Yosemite Valley” when he saw the photograph post-production. At that point, he said he realized he “had captured this really unique moment in my life.” 

“Night Bow” by Vange Logan is another notable work featured at the exhibit. The painting is an acrylic on canvas, depicting the bow of a ship decorated with a male statue. It consists of many swirling strokes of blue and gray, and the calm appearance of the statuesque man lends to a serene atmosphere. 

The painting is based on a dream, and Logan said she became inspired to paint it to cope with her own feelings. Her mother had recently died, and she started painting as a way of “getting emotions on canvas.” 

After each artist shared thoughts about their artwork, refreshments were served and exhibitors and connoisseurs alike chatted with each other. 

The exhibit is expected to run through mid-January 2023. The gallery is open from noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and admission is free to the public. The LMC Art Gallery is located on the first floor of the LMC Library.