Choral gives a unique pleasure


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The LMC Gospel Choir plays together for their performance at the Choral Experience Concert last tuesday in the recital hall.

Dexter Dunzweiler

The Los Medanos College Music Department presented the Choral Experience Concert, which proved to be an excellent show that provided LMC students and special guests a chance to showcase their talents. The concert featured the LMC College Chorus, Chamber Chorale and the Gospel Choir directed by Silvester Henderson, and a performance by Lawrence Beamen who was a finalist on the show “America’s Got Talent.” The audience was filled with more than one hundred people.

The night started with solo performances by LMC students who had varying levels of experience.
The third soloist, Cristopher Arthur, performed a song he composed himself, entitled “Once Again.” From his voice to the notes he plucked off the strings of his guitar the audience was left captivated.

The nine other soloists delivered solid performances as well, though some song selections were better known than others. One crowd pleaser was LMC student Christine Guadnier’s rendition of “Over the Rainbow.”

The Chamber Chorale, followed the soloists, boasted a great collection of people whose voices merged beautifully during eight different tunes.

The Chorale’s energetic rendition of “Jamaican Market Place,” was it the most striking tune of the night for me, as the students’ love of singing shone through the melody.

The second to last song from the Chamber Chorale was “Fantasie Impromptu” performed by LMC student Timothy Bernardi, whose voice perfectly with the way he tickled the ivories. His performance had a dreamlike quality with an intense flow that built up the tempo wonderfully.

All the songs were enthralling to the point they left me speechless. Words alone can’t do the experience justice.
Special guest Lawerence Beamen came up to sing a style he called “Negro Soul.”

The sound of his voice was truly amazing — holding the audience and myself spellbound to the point the rest of the world melted away. The depth of his baritone voice was bold yet gentle. It was crazy; in all honesty I have never heard a someone sing so masterfully in person. It was something you tend to only hear in recordings. The sound of it shakes you to your bones and resonates within you. In person it’s just — wow. His voice added a new depth to human potential.

Beamen’s command performance, although a highlight, was far from being the evening’s only magical experience.
The LMC Gospel Choir performed next and provided a capstone on the night with every song — giving their voices in a strong and heartfelt tone.

The gospel music reminded me of church only it was richer and smoother than anything I had heard before. Their combined efforts definitely leave you feeling good and were so easy to appreciate. Their voices managed to join in harmony, singing in perfect counterpoint so a full range of beautiful sounds could be heard.

I enjoyed the song “Friend” with LMC student soloists Ashley Goines and Erica Pringle.

The song, although seemingly simple, evidenced all of the practice and work that had gone into preparing the piece, so the quality of final product cannot be questioned. My favorite part of the Gospel Choir was the when guest saxophonist Angelo Luster joined in during the first and last song — it was perfection for me.

The entire night was one of those things that you just have to go experience for yourself and I would recommend these concerts to anyone — they are well worth attending.