District adopts social justice resolution

Governing Board President Rebecca Barrett discusses the resolution before it was approved in a Governing Board Meeting held June 24.

Krys Shahin, Editor-in-Chief / @Krysshah

July 3, 2020

The Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board adopted a new resolution to endorse community and public safety engagements in social justice reform during a meeting Wednesday, June 24. This conversation began after the district released a statement regarding the death of George Floyd by Minneapoli...

Nominate S.T.E.L.A.R. students

Nominate S.T.E.L.A.R. students

Jordyn Toscano, News Editor

May 15, 2020

Student Engagement, Leadership Awards and Recognition nominations are currently open to all Los Medanos College students until Monday, May 18. The award ceremony takes place through Zoom on Wednesday, May 20 at 12 p.m. Students may nominate any students, staff or faculty who “have made remarkable...

Student Trustee election held

Student Trustee election held

Hillary Hetrick, Campus Editor / @Hillarymhetrick

May 6, 2020

The Contra Costa Community College District is holding an election for their new student trustee through Thursday, May 7. Students can vote through this SurveyMonkey link until 5 p.m. to choose who represents the students of the district. According to the district's website, a student trustee is a non-vot...

LMCAS holds election

LMCAS holds election

Krys Shahin, Editor-in-Chief / @Krysshah

May 5, 2020

Though it is not yet time for the U.S. Presidential election in November, it is now election season for Los Medanos College’s student government.  Those enrolled at LMC can vote May 5 through May 7 to pick a representative they see fit for LMC’s student population. Students can vote online ...

The new normal – Day 30

The new normal - Day 30

Charles Reed, Campus Editor

April 15, 2020

Editor’s note: “The new normal” is a continuing series that looks into how members of the Los Medanos College community are coping with a shelter-in-place order amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to the major lifestyle adjustment everyone has had to make these last few weeks, many have lea...

Transfer Services move online

Transfer Services move online

Charles Reed and Krys Shahin

April 4, 2020

The state-wide shelter-in-place has impacted the entire Los Medanos College community, yet there are still programs that offer student services online.  The Transfer and Career Center has moved a selection of their services online to help students stay on track with their transfer goals. ...

The new normal – Day 15

The new normal - Day 15

Krys Shahin, Editor-in-Chief

March 31, 2020

Editor’s note: “The new normal” is a continuing series that looks into how members of the Los Medanos College community are coping with a shelter-in-place order amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Associated Students President Thyra Cobbs is one of the hundreds of Los Medanos College students affected b...

The Brown Act is essential

Editorial Board

November 22, 2019

Paying a stipend to student government members who do hours of extra work to ensure the best representation for Los Medanos College is not a bad thing. It was not wrong for the Associated Students of LMC to try to allocate themselves stipends last month, as stipends have been implemented b...

Senator stipends nixed

Senator stipends nixed

Krys Shahin, @Krysshah

November 14, 2019

Los Medanos College Associated Students recently voted down a proposal to pay themselves stipends for their student government service after being criticized for not putting the specific topic on their meeting agenda as called for by California’s Ralph M. Brown Act. Over the past few weeks, starting at...

Election wrapped up

Robert Pierce, twitter.com/RobertP_EXP

May 9, 2018

The winners for the Los Medanos College Associated Students cabinet elections have been announced. Senator Priscilla Tatmon will be President, Senator Marayah Guinto will be Vice President, Senator Earl Russell Almazan will be Treasurer, Senator Sierra Abel will be Commissioner of Campus Events and Senator...

LMCAS cooks up deal

Beatriz Hernandez and Kimberly Stelly

March 2, 2017

The Los Medanos College Academic Senate has just launched their new local discounts project to help struggling college students pay for a meal. In addition to the other efforts being made to provide for students on campus, LMCAS wanted to use this as an opportunity to give back to their community. “It...

Student panel voices opinion

Kimberly Stelly, kstelly@lmcexperience.com

October 6, 2016

In an effort to improve relationships between Los Medanos College faculty and students, there was a student panel at this weeks meeting, proctored by Tess Caldwell and Janice Townsend the Monday College Assembly meeting took place Monday, Oct. 3 in L109. The student panelists include: Carrie Oliver, Jos...

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