LMCAS holds election

Krys Shahin, Editor-in-Chief / @Krysshah

Though it is not yet time for the U.S. Presidential election in November, it is now election season for Los Medanos College’s student government. 

Those enrolled at LMC can vote May 5 through May 7 to pick a representative they see fit for LMC’s student population. Students can vote online at the LMCAS website, a new widget within the InSite Portal and on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, according to LMCAS advisor Teresea Archaga.

There are currently three student candidates in the running for the positions of Vice President, Commissioner of Campus Events and Commissioner of Publicity and Outreach. All three student candidates are currently members of LMCAS: President Thyra Cobbs, Commissioner of Campus Events Nicholas Sessions and Senator Luisa Velasquez.

This LMCAS election is a bit different than others because there is no one running for president, therefore the candidate who wins the vice president nomination will sit as acting president if no other students accepts the position. 

“It’s the same as if the president can’t chair a meeting, the vice president fills in for them,” said Cobbs. 

Students running for a position in LMCAS can either be nominated for a position by someone else and accept, or nominate themselves and run for one position, according to Cobbs.

Position terms last one full school year, two semesters, per the bylaws of the group which allow the student government to have new roles and views for the senate.

“I think the change of roles is good,” said Cobbs. “The new board will develop different skills and since we will possibly still be online in the fall, it will be interesting to see how we maintain our presence.”

Because most of the student senate will be graduating May 22, senator applications will be posted on the LMCAS website soon for those who are “interested in joining us in building community and making memories,” said Archaga. 

The group lost a few students during the stress of the current pandemic, and subsequent transition online. Archaga says that LMCAS will “strategize over the summer in the event that we remain working remotely” on how to recruit more students to make up for those lost.

Recruitment used to be done in person on both the Brentwood and Pittsburg campuses during events such as Welcome Week and Mustang Day. Yet because those events may be canceled, Cobbs says that the group “might have to work extra hard for membership” because “in-person communication is how everyone usually gets word out.”

LMCAS is an official and representative student organization that provides student opinion and allows students to take actions relating to students, according to the LMCAS about section.

“​Students have a voice on campus,” said Archaga. “Through involvement in LMCAS, you have the ability to share your experience within committees, plan and implement campus events, [and] support your peers through funding.”

If you are interested in being a part of LMCAS or are looking for more information, visit LMCAS’ website.