Transfer Services move online

Charles Reed and Krys Shahin

The state-wide shelter-in-place has impacted the entire Los Medanos College community, yet there are still programs that offer student services online. 

The Transfer and Career Center has moved a selection of their services online to help students stay on track with their transfer goals. 

The center has incorporated a class-like module online that can be added to your Canvas dashboard, in addition to your other classes, so that students can keep in touch with what’s going on in the Transfer Center.

Another new service that is offered to students, is displayed on LMC’s main website,, on the transfer page. 

Students can now log into the Transfer Center home page by going to and selecting the necessary service to address whatever issue they may be having. Students also can look for activities such as chat rooms, virtual workshops, representative visits and a list informing students of upcoming virtual business transfer fairs in the coming weeks.

Though LMC students can now access these materials online, there are also Transfer Services employees ready to answer any questions and help students with questions they may have through email.

“I am here to help any student who needs immediate support through email,” said Sandra Parsons Senior Coordinator of Transfer Services and Transfer Academy. “We are continuing to add resources and information as we learn more and as we determine the ever changing  needs of our students.”

Students have some concerns about what this pandemic will change with their schooling, but they are doing the best they can with the current situation. 

“My biggest concern with transferring is what that will look like with how the pandemic is progressing in America right now,” said Christian Ortiz LMC Associated Students Commissioner of publicity and outreach. “The focus for me and many of my friends right now is surviving only classes.”

 For more information about the Transfer Center transition online, visit