Women lose in a nailbiter

Los Medanos College lost to Merritt College by a single point in overtime, with a final score of 80-79. Ayreauna Williams’ final free throw of the game gave the T-Birds the win in a game that came down to the wire.

Coming into the bout, LMC had a record of 11-2 although despite the loss, they did retain its’ place at the top of the Bay Valley Conference with Laney College following in suit.

In the opening minutes Merritt looked like they were going to take a comfortable lead, going full offense against LMC. Despite this, the Mustangs slowly got back into the game, closing down the point difference between the teams.  

The Stangs only took the lead twice throughout the game in regular time, the first coming in the second quarter through Adorah Buggs’ 8 points that she put up in the quarter.

As halftime approached, the T-Birds led the way 53-43 taking advantage of the Stangs’ wasteful shots.

After the second half started, it was just as it left off, with LMC slowly but surely closing down the cap. They took the lead for the second time in the game in the fourth quarter. Again it was thanks to Buggs’ three pointer that put the Mustangs at 66-64. It would then turn into a two point game for the rest of the quarter. In the dying seconds the T-Birds were awarded two free throws. With the score 69-68 with the Mustangs in the lead, Williams converted one of the free throws to put the game into overtime.

Elsa Ross put up 17 points in the game, with some of those being crucial three pointers for her team.

The game once again became a two point game. LMC looked to have won it when Buggs made a three pointer which put her team ahead by three with only 40 seconds left. With the score 79-77 Merritt pulled through with three consecutive free throws narrowly edging out the mustangs 80-79.

“The game was for first place and it was an overtime game. And we missed some free throws and we missed some layups” said head coach Richard Villegas “It was a good game and someone had to lose.”

LMC travels to Mendocino College on Friday February 9th.