LMC hunts down Eagles

Laney skunked, 3-0

In Los Medanos College’s Volleyball home opener, the Stangs beat the Laney Eagles in less than an hour, with the team walking away with 3-0 matches against their opponent.
The first set was won 25-11 with the help of three aces served by team captain Aubrey Dejesus’ multiple kills and passing to keep the ball floating off the ground. During the first set, the Eagles showed a lack of communication which the Stangs quickly took advantage of to clench the first set.
In the second set, the Mustangs’ servers had a combined 10 aces from Dejesus, Linsey Baynes, Janessa Seei and Kiana Abrego.
“We definitely pulled through, we struggled a little more during the second match, but we got our stuff together and did it,” said Dejesus. The Lady Stangs won the second match 25-10.
During the final set, the Eagles’ miscommunication and frustration got ahold of the players on the court and the Mustangs were not afraid to pour salt in an open wound. Adding another three aces to the count from Taylor Green and Caitlin Sadler, the team showed no mercy by quickly distancing the scores 16-4. The defense turned on and had numerous blocks and LMC won the final set 25-7.
“I was really pleased with the way we played,” said Head Coach Lou Panzella. “We played hard through the whole match. We didn’t play the score, we played the match — I liked our enthusiasm. We stayed focused on what we were doing and I liked that a lot.”
Panzella pointed out one of the key features to the team’s successful night was their which was their passing.
“I thought we served the ball extremely well. We had a bunch of aces, numerous blocks which is more than we have been averaging, but even better was how we passed the ball. Our serve and receive was really spot on tonight. If you can’t pass, everything else falls apart,” said Panzella.
“Offense did their job, they were putting balls away and we did what we needed to do,” said Dejesus. “Defense did awesome, our defense is always pretty good so they got their job done too.”
Like any team, there can always be improvements, even from a high home opener.
“We can always improve. There isn’t an area of the match we can’t improve on. We could hit better, we could serve better, we could dig more, you could always do everything better. However, I am very happy with how we played,” said Panzella.
The next lady volleyball home game is Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 6 p.m. in the Gym against Solano College.