Stangs fall in overtime


Irvin Trigueros

Nick Blount crashes into Michael Merrill drawing a flagrent foul in Friday night’s battle

Dakotah Zabroski

The Los Medanos College men’s basketball team took on the Mendocino College Eagles Friday night and lost a close one 68-65.

The game was filled with excitement, especially as the game started to wind down. LMC Head Coach Derek Domenichelli said it was a close one and that “my team played well.” With 10 minutes left in regulation, there were five lead changes between the teams. The game was tied at the end of regulation 61-61. The Eagles got the best of the Mustangs, as they outscored them in overtime, and claimed victory.

After losing to Mendocino by 28 points last time, LMC came ready to play. Eagles shooting guard Cesar Mendoza said that LMC was hungry and they “wanted revenge.”

The Mustangs dominated the first half, and it looked like the game would end up in the win column. They took advantage of Mendocino’s poor and erratic play and widened the score gap. Eagles Head Coach Billy Offill admits that his team started too slow, and they took way to many three pointers in the first half. He added that Domenchelli had his team play good zone defense throughout the game. At the end of the first half the score was 38-29 and looked like LMC had total control of the game.

The second half was a different game; Mendocino came out with a solid game plan that paid off for the Eagles. Offill said the game plan in the second half was to pound the ball to number 44 Jesse Williams because he felt there was a “strength advantage” for his team.

The Mustangs had trouble with Williams who scored 12 points to lead his team. The LMC point guard admitted, “44 was tough,” they came out with more urgency in the second half.

After a hard fought game by both teams, 40 minutes wasn’t enough to decide a victor. During overtime, Mendocino finished up their comeback, and was able to close the game out.

Power forward Marquis Aaron said the first half had more intensity and when they finally picked it up in the second half, “it was too late.” Domenichelli added, “one more shot and we win.”

The officials received many groans and complaints from both the LMC fans and players. Many fans and players were upset over what they thought were missed calls. LMC small forward Javon Primus said, “they sucked.” LMC point guard Hanif Carter said  they missed many calls, while Mendoza had “no comment.”

Although the Mustangs lost the game there were still positives taken from the game.

The Mustangs played great team defense as showed on the court.

“We finally played team defense,” Primus said.

The Mustangs sit at 3-6 in the conference and 12-9 overall.

The team still looks forward to making the playoffs and having overall success this.

Aaron said that winning the last nine games, and making a run in the playoffs is a priority.

Aaron added, “I believe we can do it.”