Quarterback Behrs all


Tim Chard

Quarterback Mike Behr runs through the player tunnel before his final game for the Los Medanos Mustangs.

Dakotah Zabroski

This last football season Los Medanos College quarterback Michael Behr led the Mustangs to a 6-4 season, a much-improved turn around from last year’s disappointing end with 0-10.

At 6’1 and 195 pounds, Behr fits the quarterback position like the last piece of a challenging puzzle. His height let’s him see down field yet he is light enough to be mobile and move out of trouble.

Behr has been playing football ever since middle school and has played many different positions, from quarterback, to linebacker, to safety. He has supportive parents who encourage him to play football but at the same time worry about his wellbeing, especially after the concussion Behr suffered last year that forced him to sit out the final game of the season.

He loves the game for the simple fact he loves competing and having fun with his friends on the field.

“My family has always liked football, so I guess that’s why I got into it,” said Behr.

The signal caller made opposing defenses fearful when they had to face him. He threw for 21 touchdowns and was ranked second in the state. As soon as defenses began to think they figured out the kind of offensive threat number 16 represents, he would use his feet or his arm to put points on the board.

His combined skill and mentality made him a headache for opposing defenses. His quarterback Coach Dave Fogelstrom said he was aggressive, fearless and “super competitive.”

Behr that said head Coach Chris Shipe was a cool guy and an excellent coach — he was a “motivator.” The sophomore also attributes his success to Fogelstrom, who “helped with reads and scouting defenses.”

Behr and backup QB Devyn Parsons were pretty close, he admits. They were able to learn from and make each other better and pushed each other to do their absolute best.

Not to say he had favorites, but Behr said he developed a strong bond with wide receiver Terrance Polk, as any good QB and wide receiver should. He caught more than half of Behr’s throwing touchdowns with a final notch count of 19. Behr summed up the relationship with Polk with they “had something that worked.”

Fogelstrom said that both Behr and Polk were committed sophomores who spent a lot of time together in the offseason, and had “natural chemistry”

Behr was ecstatic to start the season off with a win. The game against Hartnell was filled with high emotion from both teams, as the game came down to the very last play. He said starting the season off with a win was huge, “it was crucial to the way our season would turn out.”

Looking down the proverbial field Behr said he hopes to transfer and play for any college that is willing to give a scholarship, but he thinks he would look good in baby blue and yellow as he is a big fan of the UCLA Bruins.

Behr’s ultimate goal is to turn pro and said he dreams of playing in the National Football League and would love to play for anyone, although he is a Minnesota Vikings fan and admits that he would like to be drafted by them.

There is more to the Mustang QB than just football. Behr’s priorities are set and his hardworking nature sticks with him in the classroom. Kinesiology, his major, is a subject that is not easy to most and requires dedication.

Behr finds the human body interesting, especially in the aspect of movement and sports and would like to make a career out of it if football doesn’t work out for him.

On top of football and schoolwork Behr balances a job.

“It feels normal to balance work, school, and football,” he said. “It’s a routine to me.”

There are some people who couldn’t handle the stress of so many responsibilities, yet Behr treats it all as just another average obstacle in his life to deal with.

To the players on the field he is known as Behr, but off the field he simply goes by Mike.

He attended Deer Valley High School and lives in Antioch, with his parents and sister.

In his spare time he enjoys being active, just hanging out with friends and loves to be out on the family boat. On the rare occasion that his is not out and about Behr plays “Madden 13” and “Call of Duty” whenever he has a chance.

The QB said that last year’s team were “individuals” and this year team played selflessly and in unity, which he believes is a contributing factor to this years success.

Behr will be leaving LMC next season in hopes of playing football at a division one school.

Looking back on the season Behr said the moments he shared with these players both on and off the field are unforgettable and he will “miss these guys after the season is over.”