LMC coaches fired up for the football season


Chris Chard

Wide Reciever TJ Bossett (17) begins his drills at practice on August 22 to prepare for LMC’s first game at home this Saturday.

Chris Chard


Staff Writer

LMC Mustang football is right around the corner as coaches and players return from their long summer break and begin to prepare for this Saturday’s game.

After what seemed like a long off-season to dwell on the difficulties of the past year that ended in a 0-10 record, both head coach Chris Shipe and offensive line coach Dave Reinders are thrilled to be back on the field again and are ready to get started. Shipe explained that the student athletes have all brought there “A” game and are playing at a much higher level in their abilities than the previous year. He said that they are more focused and mindful of the downfalls of 2011.

“LMC is beyond ready,” said Shipe. “We are not going to accept mediocrity anymore.”

Shipe had worked hard all off-season to try and spread the work out amongst him and his coaches. He made several adjustments to the staff, hiring a new quarterback coach to help with the young sign callers, which allowed him to take a lot of the pressure off himself and focus on the more important aspects of being the head coach for the Mustangs.

“It allowed me to move around more at practice and get a full view of the team,” he said. “I feel more confident in my staff than I have in previous years. I love the communication that we have developed.”

Reinders is excited to see a lot of his players return to the field this season and how quickly they are “buying into the system.”

“Our system is not just about football,” Shipe explained. “It’s about life, communication, teamwork, and a positive representation of yourself on and off-campus.”

The offensive line coach discussed the growing pains of a lot of young players last year. He explained that after the proper adjustments were made the team is finally gelling together as a cohesive unit. Even with the returning players, Reinders described the work they did recruiting and how that added to the system that Shipe and him begun to form.

“We added more depth to the offensive line this year,” he explained. ‘So many guys are so versatile that it will help everyone out, in case someone needs to take a breather.”

Even the students agree.

Chase Carole, offensive tackle for the Mustangs, has bought into Reinder’s system early. Since this is his second year with the football team, he has been there for the good and the bad, but has nothing but positive things to say about his fellow teammates and his coaches.

“I feel that this is going to be a very good season because of the talent that we have and how well we all work together,” he said. “This year we have a lot of skill on both sides of the ball, but as a team we are closer and more cohesive which will help a lot.”

All 11 coaches have also stepped up their game this year to help the students on and off the field. Many of the players have full-time class schedules, jobs, and families. Shipe commented that they are still making it to every practice and work extremely hard to become not just better players, but better people in general.

“I’m impressed with how these players handle representing LMC,” Shipe said. “Not only as athletes, but as students as well.”

Reinders discussed that several of the sophomore players started to “come out of the wood work” and take up the mantle as leaders for the younger players. Showing them the ins and outs of LMC football mentality and college life. Unity was the keyword that was thrown around during the meetings and it clearly shows in players and coaches a like.

“The coaches have been working hard to make each other better as a team,” Reinders said. “The communication is amazing and short, but the point is always received.”

Don’t expect to see the same Mustang football as last season. Both coaches described how the players have grown into a solid and unified group. The Mustangs will take the field at 1 pm September 1st against the Hartnell Panther’s. The Panthers had an impressive season last year going 7-4 with their first winning season since 2005. Despite last year’s struggle and the strength of their upcoming opponet, both coach Shipe and Reinders are fired up.

“We got some good stuff,” Reinders said. “This is gonna be a fun year to watch.”