We need more answers

We need more answers

Everything is consistently in free fall with the Trump administration. Every week, if not every day something happens, causing more and more American citizens to ask themselves ‘Was Hillary really the lesser of two evils?”

The latest issue causing Americans everywhere to collectively facepalm however, has been the firing of James Comey, the now former director of the FBI. This is important for a few reasons: he was spearheading the investigation into Trump’s “relationship” with Russia. That’s weird right? Firing the guy who’s investigating you seems a tad suspicious does it not?  And that’s been the hot topic as of late, because it really calls into question just how far can a president can go without serious consequences for their actions.

Of course everyone is shocked and confused about the decision to fire Comey because after all, if not for him, Trump might not have even been elected. For the uninitiated, the projections for Hillary winning the presidency were fairly high until Comey re-opened the investigation. He came up with nothing but the damage was already done. Clinton was once again, deemed Satan and Trump became the new and exciting choice to lead the country.

And while it has been speculated that if Clinton had won the presidency, she too would have fire Comey for incompetence, however, people have pointed out that her reason might have been a bit more legitimate. Regardless of the reason Comey was let go, once again, we must drive home the point that it’s crucial to pay attention in times like this because this is a situation relevant to the rights of both we the people and the rights of those in power.

It gets talked about consistently that Trump isn’t your average politician, but in times like these, an “average” politician would have been a better fit for some of the problems this country has. At least in that instance, we’d have one person, with the aid of a functional and competent cabinet. Keep in mind, we still have with no solution in the near future. Mike Pence has never been looked to as a better choice than trump and neither has Paul Ryan. So our only hope is the drive of the American people.