I’m ugly and I’m proud

As you flip through the channels on your television, your show gets interrupted by some model in a lab coat holding a cream. You hear, “You’re ugly, flawed and no one likes you. Cover up your nonexistent imperfections by buying our miracle product.”

We’re constantly manipulated to buy this cream because it stops wrinkles or buy this mascara because it prevents clumps so we can achieve that Barbie doll look. People don’t even wear their natural eye color, as there are contacts to “fix” that too.

We can’t blame people for feeling insecure — that’s what the media has made us believe.

Mass media has painted a picture of perfection and plastered it just about everywhere. Fake has become reality because of what we see on a day to say basis because of miracle products that are supposed to fix you.

One thing people don’t understand about the models in commercials is that their perfections aren’t real and they don’t look anything like that in person. 

Women especially are going above and beyond to meet today’s standard of beautiful by altering their bodies and getting lip injections and wearing waist trainers, but why would someone change themselves so much? We are all unique.

There’s no reason to change that. It looks like all girls have the same eyebrows, plump lips and contoured, small noses. I have a big nose, messy eyebrows and pencil thin lips and I’m OK with that.

Even though we are all beautiful, we constantly see someone we think is more beautiful than we are and we wonder if we were as pretty as them, would we be in a relationship or if we’d be asked to be on the cover of a magazine.  

Though we’ll always have to deal with wishing we were better looking, we have to realize even beautiful people hide their imperfections with a layer of makeup.

People constantly feel like they have to cover their “imperfections” just to be able to believe that they are beautiful but we all have things we can’t fix and we should embrace those so-called imperfections.