Save yourself, follow your gut

Hillary Hetrick, @hillarymhetrick

September 5, 2019

Take a moment to think back to your early childhood, to the days where you were carefree and nothing but your happiness mattered. Then think to that time at around age 4 or 5, you entered a public or private school. It was there you met other students your age and were thrown into believing that you ...

Ignorance isn’t an excuse


April 13, 2017

Today’s political climate almost requires you to keep up with what’s going around you and if you’re one of those people who say you don’t watch the news, you’re in for some serious problems. And today, not only do you have to pay attention to the news, you have to watch out for unreliable new...

I’m ugly and I’m proud

Cameron Toth, ctoth@lmcexperience.com

February 2, 2017

As you flip through the channels on your television, your show gets interrupted by some model in a lab coat holding a cream. You hear, "You're ugly, flawed and no one likes you. Cover up your nonexistent imperfections by buying our miracle product." We're constantly manipulated to buy this cream because...

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