Take school more seriously

Take school more seriously

This recent semester has been my first attempt back to physically attending classes here at Los Medanos. I had forgotten what it was like to be in an actual class environment, instead of sitting at my desk at home, perusing the internet, when I really should have been sticking to my much more demanding online classes.

I had also forgotten the annoyance that comes with attending classes at LMC, perhaps any school, because of the maturity level of students or the lack of seriousness of with which some take their classes.

I find it especially difficult this semester while attending General Biology. The subject, while easier for others, leaves me scratching my head more often than not. I fear the main reason for this lack of clarity comes from the disturbances that quite a few of my classmates make. Which is frustrating because last time I checked we are all adults and we choose to be here. So I ask, why not take it seriously?

Then I wonder why the Professor doesn’t uphold their responsibility in saying something or dropping the students who clearly are not taking their grade or the class seriously.

For instance, my class takes place in the morning and people are constantly trickling in throughout the first twenty minutes causing the door to create a loud noise echoing throughout the lecture room. On occasion some will come in at the last half hour of class, when the class is only an hour and a half to begin with. I often wonder what the point of even showing up is. There’s no way they are going to comprehend the extensive lecture we have just gone over in thirty minutes. What really drives me crazy is when that person will come in with thirty minutes left on the clock and then ask the person next to them for their notes, and then ask for clarification on the matter.

No thank you. “What is so important that you miss a majority of your class? Where are your priorities? Why?” This is what I scream inside my head.

Another common annoyance, are the people who rarely show up to class, who have even missed exams and quizzes and are still enrolled. Even if one were to start showing up regularly, they have already missed weeks of classes. In what way will this benefit them in regards to the final?

Then there are the people who have missed crucial days of class, look at their results and feel the need to complain about it. They blame it on personal problems, obligations, work or their children. While I sympathize with those who do have a lot on their plate, I must point out everyone has something going in their life that causes stress. I respect people who have their priorities together, act like an adult and are responsible for their actions.

That’s all I’m asking for, a little responsibility from the adults who have chosen to be here. It’s your choice, so make it count. Otherwise please don’t hinder the learning experiences of others.