Learn to protect yourself

The crime statistics for the city of Pittsburg this year have been relatively low but with the recent shootings in Antioch and the thefts on the Los Medanos College campus, crime is still a threat to residents of Pittsburg and its neighboring cities. While we should be more mindful of our surroundings, cops and security guards should be working harder to ensure the safety of students and residents in general.

Pittsburg has just had its first and second homicides of the year. Brian Adams of Antioch was arrested for the shooting of an unidentified 19-year-old male last Thursday and late last month, 22-year-old male Dominique Thomas, was shot and killed. No suspects have been arrested in the latter case. Still, this isn’t necessarily a reflection of the homicide rate in Pittsburg. It’s decreased since last July.

Though the number of violent crimes in total has gone down, there has been an increase in larceny and rape in both Pittsburg and Antioch. Theft in Antioch has decreased while larceny and property crimes have gone up in Pittsburg since 2013. These are all issues affecting college students.

According to the school’s website, the most common crime commited on campus, is theft.Some LMC students don’t feel the need to take extra precautions when setting out late at night or early in the mornings around the lake when the campus appears to be deserted. They put their trust in the police or the school’s security team which isn’t foolish but it would be beneficial to consider the risks of roaming the city without a means to protect yourself.

If something were to happen, the police might be backed up and sometimes, they are slow to respond whether it be because of other crimes in action or the fear or lazinees of some officers. On college campuses, security might be busy on the other side of the campus. Some might suggest carrying a weapon which could be effective except it’s unlawful.

Both residents and students need to be more aware of their surroundings and do whatever they can to protect their families and personal assets. Installing burglar and checking to make sure your car alarms work would decrease vehicle theft and burglary. Carrying flashlights and whistles, walking in well-lit areas and traveling in groups would deter the amount of aggravated assaults.

The police aren’t always timely and sometimes it seems as though they aren’t even trying to be. They might be your best bet agaisnt criminal actvity but they aren’t one hundred percent reliable. All it takes is a moment for crime to take place and so having backup plan other than police or security is not only wise and reccomended but gives students and citizens a sense of security.