Media distorts women’s image

In today’s culture movie stars, performing artists and celebrities live under a microscope as their every move is a possible topic of media coverage.

And female celebrities get the brunt of the criticism.

From analysis of one tiny wardrobe choice or a simple comment thrown into an interview, the media and the whole world feel free to make comments about popular individuals they may have never even meet.

The clothes female stars wear are criticized to the last stitch of their dress, their hair must be pinned perfectly, their makeup flawless, their shoes stylish and glamorous, their accessories must match their outfit.

If these women show up to a red-carpet event looking less perfect, TV’s “Fashion Police” will mock those who beat to the rhythm of their own drum.

Of course there is also the obvious weight debacle that clings to any performer in the business, as if it is their main goal’s to keep a stable body image rather than hone their craft.

Pregnant celebrities who put on more baby weight than usual are mocked, even called ugly, mean, and rude names.

Kim Kardashian, for instance, has been made the butt of these jokes as of late, as her already voluptuous figure has been growing larger as has the fetus inside her.

You would think those who hold power in the media would be more considerate to someone’s feelings.

But this is not the case as Ms. Kardashian’s unflattering new figure has been made into so many GIFs (or animated slide images) over the internet lately.

This is not her fault, she is creating life, and yet people who do not know her act as if they are allowed to comment on her weight.

Why is this so?

I don’t see criticism of men’s weight on the covers of magazines. I don’t see men in the section of “What Were They Thinking?” a column wondering what whacky outfit stars are wearing yet its all women, all the time, everyday.

If a female star was caught in this, admittedly, less glamorous pairing she would be ridiculed.

She would be deemed a “hot mess” by the press, and the professionals behind the paper would scheme as to whether or not there was something actually wrong with her, she must be going through a divorce, drama on the set, or have body image issues surfacing, all examples to blame her for not looking her absolute best.

Celebrities are people and people make mistakes.

For instance, in 2010, “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart came under a lot of fire for her comparison of paparazzi and rape.

“It’s so… the photos are so… I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it,” she said in the July edition of British Elle magazine.

After this statement was released, hate for Stewart grew like wild fire, the internet lashed out, television talk shows made it into a bigger deal than it actually was, and she became the punch line for many late night comics’ TV programs. Rape Crisis Groups demanded an apology from the then 20-year-old actress.

Even when Stewart did apologize for her questionable comments, the media and fans all over the world still regarded her with less respect, and everyone has an opinion on her even after she admitted she said something wrong.

Women are unnecessarily held to a higher account than men in the showbiz industry, perhaps because so many young girls emulate them.

However they are not perfect, nor do they intend to be, so let’s cut them a break.