Gun violence still hurting us

Madeline Henderson

When I heard about the Boston bombing, I started to think about this song that came out in the 70s called “What’s going on.” The song was written and sung by the late great Marvin Gaye. The song spoke of what was happening in the era of the 70s. We had the Vietnam war, racial riots, the beginning of the homeless situations and the shooting incidents of two great Afro-American civil-rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers. There was violence but not as bad as it is now. A person did not hear about a lot of gun violence or bombings where there is a crowd of people together to watch an event that is going on.

I don’t feel comfortable about going to places or events that could attract someone who is not in their right mind and decides to kill a few innocent people. It is terrible to be a person in the wrong place at the wrong time. The year of 2012 there was 66 mass murders throughout the country. The worst mass murder incident was the Sandy Hook Elementary school where the lives of 21 precious little five and six year olds were killed and seven teachers lost their lives too. It was a sad story and when ever I think about what happen at that school it still brings tears to my eyes because they were so young and was just starting school and now they will never know what it is to have an education because of gun violence.

President Obama was very disappointed about the bill involving stricter background checks on people purchasing guns did not pass. The parents of the children were hurt to think that there were people that were not concerned about the lives of children and others. I also was upset about the verdict because this means if a person is dismissed from their job and they are angry about it so they go and buy a gun that same day and returns to their job and kills people who are completely innocent. I hope that those who had voted against the measure to have stricter gun laws to understand that they could have helped to prevent a gun from being in the hands of the wrong person. It seems strange for a person to wake up one day and decide to kill a person or multiple people at a mall, a school, or a store and a church. Yes even at church, the one place where many believe that they may seek refuge from the ugliness of our society for a peace of mind has been tainted by gun violence. I read about a couple of situations at churches. A man walked in a church up to the pulpit where a preacher was speaking and shot him in front of his congregation and another incident where a man shot his estranged wife as she was getting out of the car to go into church. Now this is what makes a person wonder what is going on in our society. The one place we thought of being safe along with our homes is no longer respected as being holy. The home invasions are becoming violent now too where we are not even safe in our homes.

I have been watching the program Investigated Discovery on television where it shows real cases of gun violence. Some of the cases I try to analyze why the person used a gun to solve their situation. I feel when a person points a gun at someone it is like they control the situation and it is up to them if the person lives or dies. It is like a power trip that gives them a high. Some situations you have no choice especially when comes to protecting your life.

The hardest tragedy a family has to face is a loss of a loved one to gun violence. It is a tragedy that will take a long time to overcome. It is really hard for a family to not know who harmed their loved one and to not understand why. But because of the gun laws remaining as they are, if we don’t try to change them there will be many more innocent people dying from gun violence.