Make your voice heard


Chelsea Hamel

If any of the polling indicators prove true in this year’s election, the youth vote once again will play a pivotal role in politics. In what is expected to be a razor-thin margin, the turnout of America’s student population could once again hold the keys to the White House.

So how does this affect you? Consider the cuts in education happening across the country. On the community college level, budget cuts have been deep and relentless. It’s our duty to be informed about the issues affecting us as students.

Remember that elections have consequences. Your vote will have an impact on your future, but if you don’t exercise your right to vote, you can’t complain about those consequences. We sometimes take for granted our right to vote.

Consider the struggles previous generations suffered through, all for the right to have their voices heard. Stay informed on the issues, don’t just listen to sound bites from politicians.

Instead, actually research the issues and tap into resources that aren’t biased or partisan. The youth of America are notorious for being pessimistic and uninformed on key issues. The politicians and big money behind these campaigns are literally banking on it.

It’s not their job to inform you, the onus is on us to be informed and to show up Nov. 6 to make our voices heard.