Local food trucks providing food on campus

The search begins for food vendor in the cafeteria

Juan Cebreiros, Staff Writer

The food trucks that have been coming to the Los Medanos College Pittsburg campus have been a success for the school and the businesses themselves. However a Request For Proposal went out from LMC in search for a vendor to fill the void of the campus cafeteria for the 2023 fall semester. 

Vice President Carlos Montoya said it is currently unknown what will happen to the food trucks if a vendor is found to fill the cafeteria.

“The goal is to have access to food to provide to students of this campus,” said Montoya. 

Since coming back to campus in the 2021-22 school year, there has always been a demand for food at LMC. 

The Pittsburg campus cafeteria is ready for a vendor to be working out of to provide food to the LMC campus, according to Montoya.

“The cafeteria is complete and built by its design, it’s passed the inspections. The only thing left is any improvements the tenant wants to make,” said Montoya.

After seeing the success of the food trucks from them coming to the campus just every Wednesday, it was decided to bring on more vendors and have more days they visit the campus. 

“More food trucks are wanting to come on board. They see that they are so successful that they wanted to come on more days,” said Montoya. 

One emerging concern is the cost of the food students have to pay to get food from the vendors. However, Montoya has just been happy to find a way to sustainably bring food onto the campus. 

The RFP was sent out March 10 and will be taking applications until April 11. Montoya said it is currently too early to say what is going to happen to the food trucks but they are now looking into food options for the Brentwood Center. He added it’s possible that campus goes through a food truck trial run similar to one the Pittsburg campus went through late in the fall 2022 semester.  

“There was an idea of having the Diablo Valley College culinary program cook for the school, or even us starting our own culinary program similar to how they and Contra Costa Community College are, but it wasn’t included in a recent masterplan,” said Montoya. 

Applications for vendors looking to work at the LMC cafeteria are being accepted until April 11. The goals of finalists being announced in early May and a final selection to be made around the time of the June board meeting, according to Montoya.