Transfer Center has big things planned

College representatives will soon visit LMC with various information.


Michael Benedian

Transfer and Career Service Center offers free donuts and coffee to students.

Jaden Fortier, Staff Writer

Application season is creeping its way up, and LMC’s Transfer Services has a slew of events ready throughout the fall to give students all of the resources they need regarding transferring. Attending these events will be very useful for students looking to transfer to universities in fall 2023. 

Transfer and Career Services will have various workshops, events and office hours held through the fall months for students with any questions regarding the transfer process. Various colleges will also be on campus, where students can speak to representatives from those schools.

Rachel Anicetti, the Director of Transfer and Career Services highlights the HBCU Caravan, Transfer Day and Opportunity fairs as the premier events transfer students should look out for.

Those three events take place on Oct. 25, and are all about “exploring your tomorrow,” Anicetti said.

For the entire district, LMC will be hosting the California Community College Historically Black Colleges and Universities Transfer Guarantee and this year’s HBCU Caravan.

25 HBCU representatives will be coming out to host workshops for classes and the entire college on HBCU preparation, affordability, and opportunities. The caravan will be a great opportunity for those interested in attending HBCUs to learn everything there is to know about them.

In addition to the HBCU caravan, LMC is hosting its annual Transfer Day fair which is coming back to in-person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

“We anticipate 50 additional colleges in a tabling fair format, [who are] there to answer student questions about their institutions,” Anicetti said.

Sandra Parsons, who works in Transfer and Career Services and coordinates transfer events, said the framework for putting these events together was started a few months ago. 

We need to coordinate facilities, food, reps, workshops, marketing and so much more,” Parsons said. “But, it is exciting to bring so many reps to campus to connect with our students so it is all worth it.”

Looking at transfer options goes well with discussions about majors and future careers, so students can also see the Opportunity fair where they will be able to ask employers and LMC academic apartments about their future options in the workforce. Reginald Turner, who is the coordinator for the Opportunity fair, anticipates that roughly 20 employers will be showing up and participating. The three events are held simultaneously from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., so students will need to make sure they use their time wisely so they have all the information they need. To sign up for reminders for all future transfer events and workshops mentioned, head on over to the LMC Calendar page so you don’t miss out!