Study Slam held on Zoom


Ronald Smith, Staff Writer

This spring semester’s Study Slam got a remote make-over to support the college’s online environment. It was held Friday, May 15 on Zoom and gave students an opportunity to work with consultants or tutors in online breakout rooms for most of the day.

Typically, the Study Slam is held in the Center for Academic Support on campus, and has been publicized in the past by center coordinator Sandra Mills as a service “right before finals to give students that last chance (or last push) to get help from peer tutors and faculty reading and writing consultants.”

In the fall, Mills said the Study Slam attracted 450 students. But COVID has forced classes and student services online.

 “Because of the extraordinary hurdles that have been placed on students this semester. I do not know what to expect,” she said before the new online Study Slam began.

The Center for Academic Support, the Math Lab, EOPS, CARE, CalWORKS and MESA all worked on the event, and a large group of faculty, staff and student tutors offered 25-minute  one-to-one sessions to LMC students.

One of the main goals the center focused on this semester after the physical campus closed was to continue providing students with tutoring opportunities. Mills said the objective of the  Study Slam was to “continue the tradition of offering this service because it is truly a great event” and to see how it works.

Student Senate President Thyra Cobbs worked the event from her own breakout room during this year’s Study Slam, but had fewer students to assist.

“I tutor psychology, but I have been getting less people due to COVID-19,” she said.

After the event Mills acknowledged the Zoom version wasn’t as packed as face-to-face slams, but was happy the online process itself went smoothly. 

 “Fortunately, we did not have any technological glitches and our idea/plan worked,” she said, adding, “The Study Slam was not as successful as it has been in past semesters. But then this is a very different semester that has challenged everyone”

Since most classes will be online again next fall as social distancing continues, she sees this as a learning experience.

“Now we have this one under our belt. The Center for Academic Support will continue to   collaborate with EOPS and other departments to provide students tutoring events in the fall,” she said. “Students should watch for study sessions and special tutoring events in fall and, of course, next semester’s Study Slam”