Custodians clean the closed campus


Krys Shahin

Custodian Reynaldo Flores wipes down all door handles and surfaces everyday on campus. Photo taken March, 17.

Yesenia Mendez, Staff Writer

Due to the recent campus closure caused by COVID-19 virus concerns, the Los Medanos College custodial staff has been working around the clock to ensure the campus is sterile and safe for the return of staff and students. 

“We have been extremely busy.  My staff and I have been disinfecting touch points and all surfaces nightly,” said Custodial Manager Frank Ichigaya. “We have begun a deep cleaning of the campus to ensure the health and safety of all visitors.”

They have switched to hospital-grade disinfectant and are using fogging type machines to sanitize the entire campus according to Russ Holt, the Director of Maintenance and Operations. 

“We are cleaning the campus in our standard flu season fashion, only adding additional daily projects,” said Ichigaya. “Usually in a typical classroom situation my staff will spot disinfect walls and fixtures. We are now washing complete walls and all surfaces with soapy water, rinsing with clean water, then applying a disinfectant.” 

Custodians are also taking extensive measures to sterilize all classrooms such as “going over the entire campus doing a deep cleaning to every room and locking off the unused rooms until students return,” according to Holt.

The custodial staff has not reported any ill-feelings about the extra cleaning and long hours they are working, nor has anyone called off concerns regarding potential health issues. 

Holt ensures that they are always working to make sure everybody is protected per guidelines.

“Custodial staff wear personal protective equipment nightly for all functions,” said Ichigaya. “We have begun the social distancing rule of keeping 6 feet of distance while working together and I have insisted that anyone feeling ill stay home.”

Their coverage has been expanded and they are “working all day, 24/7,” said custodian Reynaldo Flores.

“You can rest assured that the Los Medanos College Custodial department has the health and safety of the students, faculty, staff, and community on our minds as we provide our services to the college,” said Ichigaya.