STEM majors start new club

Jesus Cano, @Juice_Cano



STEM students now have a better path to exposure within their field.

Advancement Toward Achievement is a new club on campus established by LMC students Anthony Early and Matt Marchetti. The goal of ATA is to give club members an opportunity to be more involved within the STEM community, something both Marchetti and Early heavily target.

“Ideally I want to give our members an opportunity to experience what their field of study actually consists of,” said Earley.

Early hopes that participation in the new club will help STEM students understand transfer requirements to the four year level and help build their member’s resumes so they stand out to the universities.

“Ultimately, I want to give our members an opportunity to reach new heights in the stem community that’s outside of LMC,” he continued.

Marchetti says that a lot of the time, students are completing all the requirements for the STEM-related majors, but do not know what they will do when it is time to transfer or get their first job.

“We felt didn’t know what we were doing. We felt like more people needed to know what they were getting into,” said Marchetti.

The club meetings will happen on a monthly basis, from 4-5 p.m. in room CC2-228. The adviser is chemistry instructor George Perdrizet.

Marchetti says that some goals that are set is to get involved with the Bay Area Science Fair, with the addition of getting to shadow a lot of professionals within the industry. An example Marchetti provided is potentially getting to tour the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and taking a trip to the Byron Airport.

One of the goals of the club is to establish connections and knowledge they can pass on to future members.

“I believe that this club will make it easier for those who want to not only find out more but gain more experience in what they will be doing in the STEM field,” said club member Kobina Arkaah. “I have faith that with the guidance of our club organizers we will know more about what to expect in the fields that we hope to study.”

The club is still in the process to generate funds to accomplish these future goals.