LMCAS sees uptick in student involvement

LETICIA ROBLES, Staff writer

This semester Los Medanos College Associated Students has an almost full board for the first time in a long time, something they believe is a healthy sign of student engagement.

“I started being an advisor for this board back in March 2016. This is the first time we have three off from a full board,” said LMCAS Advisor and Office of Student Life Coordinator John Nguyen.

The Office of Student Life suspects the growth has been the result of their tireless campaigning. As representatives of the students it is their job to be engaged on campus and encourage student engagement.

“I give credit to the officers and senators,” said Nguyen. “I feel their ability to inform and encourage students is why this has been the first full semester in a long time.”

LMCAS Vice President Marayah Guinto, like Nguyen, has noticed a difference not only within the governing board but also on campus this semester.

“It has been difficult to get students involved and interested in student government, so I was surprised when I saw how many students wanted to become senators,” said Guintos.

LMCAS have made a great effort to recruit students to fill more positions on the board. Many members utilized networking to the best of their ability to bolster their governing body.

“I feel that this year’s board had personal connections to individuals who wanted to get involved in the community,” Guinto continued. “I feel that our passion transcended when we talked to incoming students at different events. I believe that students see that we are actively working to make their lives here at LMC better.”

Students looking to get involved or simply build their educational resume will have that opportunity during the spring 2019 semester.

“We have end of spring elections, and have three senator spots still available, which I see as a good thing because students who want to apply in the spring elections can be appointed to senators who were not able to join this semester,” Nguyen explained.

To join LMCAS, students are required to get 50 signatures from fellow students, maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA, fill out a packet of questions and have a passion for engaging with students about how they can work together to improve LMC.

“Students interested in office go before board interviews and they evaluate weekly and have board votes. Twenty students are chosen, five officers and 15 senators,” Student Life Director Teresea Archaga stated.

LMCAS will be accepting applications in the spring semester, hoping to keep the seats filled for semesters to come.