New club unites Dreamers

Leticia Robles, Staff Writer

Los Medanos College has a lot of new clubs to offer to students, including United by Dreams, one of many clubs helping to unite students. United by Dreams aims to bring together those who are undocumented yet share the same educational dream.

“We make sure that students who join have group support and all undocumented students have an ally,” Elizabeth Ramirez, the advisor of the club, explained. “The students are dreaming for the same thing, reaching for a higher education.”

Though the club primarily serves Latinos, United by Dreams is a club for every person who comes from a different country and wants to pursue an education. This is the first semester this club was chartered and the first meeting was two weeks ago. During the meeting, Ramirez and club President and co-founder Jonathan Trejo discussed with students all of the law changes for undocumented students, and also strategies for them to get financial aid and scholarships.

“It is a fun club… We are bonding and doing fun things to get to know each other better,” said club member Bryan Reynoso. “We have a lot of plans to expand and create fundraisers while we have fun, but the club also serves like an ally to support each student. Since we are new we are still trying to figure out how to expand.”

Trejo emphasized the importance of bringing the Dreamers community together considering the current socio-political tension.

“We needed something to bring Dreamers together. Since the laws are changing, we don’t know what is in store for undocumented students who are involved in the Dream Act,” Trejo explained.

Trejo hopes that the club will not only be a fun experience, but also provide much needed help for Dreamer students.

“As president my responsibility is to bring everyone together, to inform and to help those students who have a dream. Students do not have to be undocumented in order to join this club,” said Trejo. “Everybody has a dream to become something in life and I hope this club unites everyone who wants to live that dream and reach for it.”

The club hopes to expand and join the conversation LMC is having about undocumented students and add perspectives from students actually going through the process of living undocumented in America.

The club meets every Monday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in CC2-236.