New facility on the way

Austin C. Herrington, Staff Writer

Construction is underway at Los Medanos College by the baseball field and the current weight room. After having the weight room, dance studio, cardio room and Stang room in portables for 10 years, it was finally time for LMC to get an upgrade.

New P.E. facilities will be put in place of the old ones and will both improve and expand on the current facilities. The complex is part of a two-building project that includes a new Student Union.

The complex will include two new dance and fitness studios, an athlete workout room, a general weights and cardio room, two classrooms, offices for PE and Athletic faculty/staff, locker rooms and showers, team sports locker room, an equipment storage room and the athletic trainer room.

The total cost of both the Student Union and the Physical Education Complex will be $61.8 million as part of Measure A and E.

Vice President Kevin Horan is excited for what the future of this complex will hold for LMC.

“I’m looking forward to continue to give reasons for the community and our students to have deep pride in our institution,” said Horan. “These facilities reflect deep commitment to our students and our community,” said Horan.

Horan is keen on bringing improved facilities to LMC’s sports teams.

“They will finally have the facilities that will match the quality of their programs,” said Horan. “The greatest gain will be that LMC will be competitive with other institutions that our players are considering.”

Athletic Director Richard Villegas is excited to see the improvements to the athletic department that will benefit all the sports at LMC. “I’m looking forward to having state-of-the-art facilities like the rest of the campus,” said Villegas.

But the one thing that is on the minds of everyone is the safety of the students walking around the campus.

“The inconvenience of the construction worries me for the student athletes and the students to get around,” said Villegas.

Athletic Trainer Brian Powelson also agrees the construction can affect how students get around campus.

“It’s going to be great when the facilities are finally there, but over the next couple of years we are going to be in a swing space so it is going to be a little difficult,” said Powelson.

But after all is said and done, these facilities will be a great addition to the PE Department.

“The whole atmosphere of the new building will be nice for the whole campus and athletes in particular,” said Powelson.

The completion of the Student Union Center and the Physical Education facilities will be ready in August of 2019. If you want a more in depth look about what else is being put in visit