Clubs showcase what they’re about

Los Medanos College held its annual Club Day in the outdoor quad Wednesday, Oct. 5. Club members were enthusiastic as each club planned on raising funds to go toward their own goals.
The Veterans Club, Computer Science Club, La Raza, Debate Society, Community Service Club, The S.A.C.H.E., Dance Team, Film Watcher Club and the Alpha G Club all showed up to recruit and fundraise.
“We expect to get a lot of money for fundraising for projects,” said Marc Martin, a member of the La Raza club.
“Our goal is to recruit new members because we reopened the club this year,” said Daniela Martinez. La Raza is involved in a transfer event day, which will be held at U.C. Berkeley this Saturday.
“We’re fundraising and recruiting to get more members to join the debate society. The proceeds will go to help the team with travel expenses, stuff like that,” said Debate Society member Genaro Mauricio.
“We are LMC Esports. We create a community for gamers, by gamers, to play games and have fun. Our meetings are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 in Science Room 131; it’s very simple to join us,” said Alpha Gamma Sigma club President aid Allison Bergonia.
Daniel Pastora, the president of the Film Watchers club, had this to say: “What you see is what you get. You just come in and you watch a movie. Easy to join.”
Du’praiseja Smith said this about Shenanigans Club: “It’s improv mixed with drama, so we do a lot of things. We make crepes, but today is Waffle Wednesday, so we were selling students waffles. We also do community service for theater, try to do things to help spread the love of theater to people.” When asked how the clubs went, she said that it went well. “Our weirdness and waffles got a couple of people interested in our club, and we got a few donations for a charity as well,” she said.
For Associated Students Club, Israel Castro believed club day was very successful. “There was a lot more participation this time with the increase of clubs. Students were going to table to table seeking info to join certain clubs. Each club was all in this time to recruit students, and it was great to see” he said.
Outreach Ambassador and Puente Club member Jorge Guerra said he believes club day went excellent. “Our club started out as a small table, so to see it increase to a bigger table of my Mamma’s famous Horchata and club t-shirts, it’s great to see how far our club has went now. Today, everyone who joined had fun. We tried to get everyone in our club involved, and we did,” he added.
On top of the clubs, there was also a cheerleading performance by the dance team itself.
When asked about how his clubs day went, Daniel Pastoras had this to say: “This day was pretty successful. We started with about fifty popcorn bags and now we’re down to five. So I guess that’s a good day.” Maricuiro said the following: “In terms of making money, it wasn’t worth it. But we managed to make new connections, so in the end, it was.”
-Atreyu Hinckley contributed to this report