Students brush off Gideons

The first week of school was filled with Mustang Madness activities, but one unnoticed event took place. For the first two days school was in session, free bibles were passed out. Donald Watson and his colleague, who wished to be referred to as Dan, were seen at the main entrance of the school passing out different versions of the New Testament bible.

They volunteer for The Gideons International, an organization dedicated to telling people about the teachings of Jesus Christ. Gideons International has now spread to over 200 countries and territories across the world and has distributed more than two billion bibles.

Watson, who has been working for Gideons for 20 years, and his partner, who has been working for 5 years, distribute bibles to anyone who will take them.

“I’m doing this for the Lord, not myself,” Dan said, “Matthew 28 calls us to make disciples so that’s what we’re doing as followers of Christ.”

The typical response to their question, “Would you like a free bible?” was “No,” “I already have one,” or they would get ignored by students with their headphones in. Venturing further onto the campus, the little green bibles were found scattered around on the grass and near trashcans. A student collected a few he found and returned them to Donald.

“I didn’t take one because I have plenty at home because I grew up in a Christian household,” said student Erin Palmer, “I believe this is a good concept, but just passing them out won’t do much because as college students, we already have a lot on our plates and unless someone already has previous religious affiliations I don’t think it will do too much.”

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