Freeze on campus

Ice treats open new semester

Even in record-breaking heat, the student council finds a way to the bring Los Medanos College students together. A black food truck with painted scoops of colorful ice sat inside the outdoor quad area Thursday Aug. 26 as students lined up to get a yummy flavor of Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice.

Interactions among friends and taking a break from class to cool down seemed to be the highlight of the day despite the sun shinning down on the campus. The grassy patches were covered with students sitting in the shade as they laughed and introduced one another to new and old friends.

“It’s one thing for us to just be in classes, but it’s another thing to have events for us to be able to mingle with each other and just something fun besides looking in a book for the day,” said Kayla Wells as she looked onto the quad where students stood.

The student council also took a step further with student involvement by giving them a chance to win gift cards from the LMC bookstore.

“Of course we’d participate in campus events cause its free food,” said new student Manu Pasa.

Monica Decampio said the events on campus bring unity on campus with teachers and students.

“I feel like events like this brings the LMC campus together. Look it’s cool, the faculty is even out here.” said Decampio.

The free food, raffle tickets and great music were things everyone enjoyed, as the campus police and teachers joined in with students on the fun.

The big freeze event is an annual event that student council throws yearly.